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How do I answer Job Ads on the Internet

So you are job hunting and answering ads on the internet. Any luck? Only 10% of job seekers actually get jobs from answering ads on the internet. So how do you beat the odds?

There’s a right way and a wrong way.
1. Wrong – Just fill in the application and attach your […]

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What is your Job Search Marketing Campaign?

Let’s say you want to change jobs, you were laid off, or, you are tired of doing the same old, same old, but you don’t know how to change or what the job titles are that might meet your needs.

You need to do a self assessment. Then you need to figure out which titles […]

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How do you deal with a GAP on your resume?

If you are like some of us who have a gap in our work history when we were not working a full-time paying job, how do you handle that on your resume? Do you leave it out and risk more questions at the interview or risk being shut out?

Or do you take a positive […]

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How to Reach Employers (From Cold Calls to Meeting)

You have your list of companies. You know your job target. Now you have researched the names of hiring managers two levels above the job title you are going for. How do you make the call? What do you say?
Here are some strategies to help you through the cold call dilemma.

1. […]

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5 Tips for Baby Boomers in the Job Market

If you are a baby boomer and have been let go, due to re-org, re-engineering, takeover, or some other reason beyond your control, listen up. It is a jungle out there! Today I am going to be candid and give it to you straight.

1.Be prepared to face the following and answer these questions on […]

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How do I Best Answer Employment Ads on the Internet?

You spend your day at your computer answering ads for jobs. But you are not getting responses. It seems like your application goes into a black hole. Well, that is partially true. You should be spending only 10% of your time answering ads on job boards because only 10% of job seekers […]

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How to Overcome Obstacles and Roadblocks

Have you experienced any obstacles or roadblocks tin your job search? All of us do at one point or another in the job search. Here are some common problems and what you can do to overcome them.

1) Can’t decide on a job target. You may have an idea of what you would […]

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How to Answer 5 Difficult Interview Questions

In preparation for your interviews, you need to expect that there will be at least one, or more, “zingers.” Questions you wish they didn’t ask, but which you know will probably be asked, based upon your resume.  So you need to be prepared.  Here are some of those difficult questions and how to answer them.  […]

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5 Things to STOP and 5 Things to START in your Job Search

Just checking in to see how your job search is going.  Not getting the results you expected?  Here are five things you need to STOP doing and 5 things you need to START doing to get unstuck.

1) STOP giving out your business card to everyone your meet.  INSTEAD, set up a coffee or a lunch […]

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How to Research In Preparation for Your Interview!

Preparation for an interview is crucial for your success as a job candidate.  Not only must you be prepared to talk about your accomplishments and how you can help the company, you must also learn as much about the company, its mission, and culture as you can. Here are 5 ways to research a company […]

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