A pitch is your commercial or advertisement about you. It states in 30 seconds to no more than 2 minutes who you are, your best skills, an accomplishment and what is your job target.

How and when do you use your pitch?
1) When you meet someone for the first time – whether you are at a networking event, social event,or job fair your pitch is your introduction.  Smile. Shake hands and state your pitch – 30-60 seconds is best for this type of situation.
2) In your cover letter – When you apply for a job the pitch forms part of your cover letter as a brief introduction to you.
3) During the interview– When you are asked to “tell me something about yourself” the pitch is the perfect way to answer the question.
4) In the follow up – After your interview when you write the follow up email your pitch is another way to emphasize who you are and what you can do for the company.
Craft your pitch with a particular job target in mind.  You can always refine it.
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