Do you have an objective on the top of your resume?  If so, that is old school.  No one knows what you are aiming for with a long objective. It usually sounds expansive and full of generalities with no distinct job title.

Instead, choose a job target. What is a job target?
It consists of three things:
1) Job Title – Based upon your past experience and your skill set, choose a very specific title. For example, if you are interested in film, film is the industry.  The job title might be scriptwriter, sound engineer, wardrobe assistant, gaffer or best boy grip.  Want to work in finance?  Do you want to be a financial advisor, wealth manager, financial analyst or a trader?
2) Industry – Where have you been working?  Do you want to stay there or switch?  If you switch you need to do research and talk to people to see how your skills are transferable..Are you interested in finance, pharmaceutical, film or any other industry.  You may want to look into several different industries.
3) Geographic Location – Ask yourself, do you want to say in your local area?  New York City metro area or are you willing to move to another location? Chicago? Washington, D.C. or Silicon Valley?  Spreading your job search to a wider area say 10-50 miles is easier than moving to another city.
Remember, that your resume must reflect the specifics of the job title you choose.
You may have more than one job target – you may have two or three  You may need to change your resume for each job target.
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