Clients Testimonials

Job Seekers Testimonials

Bill Brottmiller

Publishing Director at Western Schools

“I have been a happy client of Personnel Associates, both as a hiring manager and as a career manager for over 20 years. I want to take a minute to thank Shelly Ray, however, for successfully completing an especially challenging recruiting assignment. We needed a seasoned editor to help us expand into peripheral markets, and the successful candidate had to work out of our location at some distance from the nearest city. A remote employee wasn’t going to work for us. Shelly uncovered not only our winning candiate, who is perfect for the position, but also several other candidates to give us a real choice. I had exhausted my own extensive network, and I was amazed at the number and caliber of candidates that Shelly was able to locate. When my own efforts left me discouraged, Shelly really came through for us.”

Brett Costello

Director, Sales & New Markets

“Steve and his team are consummate professionals and an ideal partner. They are action oriented with a sophisticated view of the market. I would recommend anyone consider Steve’s team for their recruiting needs.”

Hilary White

V.P., Product Development at EPS Literacy and Intervention

“Alexa’s communication skills, professionalism and effectiveness throughout our entire recruiting process was superb. If a client’s resume and or the first interview did not produce the skill set and/or talent that I was looking for and expecting, Alexa received that information well, and moved on to identifying the next possible client. I also very much appreciated how Alexa was an advocate in looking out for both sides – she was diligent in all of her efforts of finding me and my company the best hire, while also wanting to find the right position and company for the potential candidate.”

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Justine Gillen

Marketing Director, Reed Business Information

“Steve invested time to understand the brief and was really effective in providing relevant candidates. His regular communication and professional approach set him apart from other suppliers.”

Farzad Novin

Marketing Executive

“Shelly is a top-notch talent recruiter in the education space. I was both recruited by Shelly and subsequently recruited other staff members through her. My experience in working with Shelly has been very positive and successful. I highly recommend working with Shelly to other colleagues in the space.”

Barbara Berlin

Journals Marketing Manager, Johns Hopkins University Press

“Steve has a really good eye for finding and recruiting the right people for the right jobs!”

Jason Feer

Head of Business Intelligence at Poten & Partners

“I have worked with Alexa on a number of placements and have always found her to be highly responsive and very focused on my specific needs. I would recommend her highly for any placement.”

Lisa Scoville Hunt

Sage Publications

“Steve is my go-to recruiter when recruiting for Sales, Marketing and Editorial positions. I can always rely on Steve, as he never fails to produce candidates each and every time he’s called upon to help us in our various searches. Steve’s demeanor is always professional and courteous which makes him such a pleasure with which to work.”

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Tom Cooper

Executive Director, International Anesthesia Research Society

“Steve did a terrific job for us in filling a key publishing position for our medical society. After another recruiter was able to present only one acceptable candidate, Steve brought us several excellent candidates that met our search criteria and led to a successful hire. Steve stayed in close touch with us during the search, and was always readily available when we needed to talk with him. I am pleased to recommend his services as a recruiter.”

Top Qualities: Great Results, On Time, High Integrity, Accountable

Lisa Scoville Hunt

Recruiting and retaining the best talent for SAGE

“I currently have the pleasure of working with Alexa on several positions and find her to be very responsive to our requirements. She asks the right questions and understands how to find us the best candidates for the position. Recently she found us a terrific hire for a sales position in our Denver territory. I would recommend Alexa for higher education publishing recruitment.”

Colleen Scollans

VP/Director of Sales and Marketing, Oxford University Press

“Steve helped my company hire two excellent employees. He quickly understood my needs and responded with a much higher caliber of candidates than I was seeing through other recruiting methods. Steve understands publishing, has great contacts, and provided an invaluable service in helping me hire two senior marketing positions.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Extensive Contacts

Mary MacInnes

VP/Routledge, Taylor and Francis

“Steve has been a highly effective and professional recruiter in the time I’ve worked with him. He knows everyone in the industry, is speedy and reliable.”

Top qualities: Effective, Speedy, Reliable

Gali Halevi PhD

Chief Library Director, Levy Library at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

“The process of looking for and finding a new job is a stressful, sometimes even nerve wrecking process. Working with Alexa was one of the most positive experiences I had. Finding the perfect job for me and connecting me with the hiring company, setting up meetings and conversations while coordinating busy schedules were some of the things she managed to do quickly and efficiently. With her collected, calm and professional manner she managed to get me through all the stages of the process feeling valued and supported. She followed through with the hiring company and kept in touch with me every step of the way which made me feel confident and reassured. My new job which is perfect for me and exactly where I wanted to be was possible thanks to Alexa’s deep understanding of my professional background attention to details and endless support. Thank you!”

Sarah Morgan

Marketing Manager, Callisto Media

“It was a pleasure to work with Steve for my recent job placement! He was efficient, communicative and personable, and worked hard to make the process as smooth as possible. He has a knack for connecting each candidate and company with their ideal match.”

Beth Campbell

Acquisitions Editor

“Shelly contacted me for an opportunity I would not have known about otherwise, and I am grateful that she did, because it has turned out to be a perfect fit. She has a solid understanding of the publishing industry, an extensive network, and a great track record. I appreciated that Shelly communicated clearly and frequently, was well informed about the position, and managed to represent both parties fairly and professionally. It was a pleasure working with her!”

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Janice T. Radak

Managing Editor – Domestic/Emergency Cardiovascular Care and CPR at American Heart Association

“As a job seeker, I can highly recommend Shelly for work in the publishing space. While she found me through Linked In, she didn’t stop there. She made sure I understood the nuance of the position in play and that I was truly qualified. I appreciated her thoroughness, patience and sense of humor as she allowed the process to unfold in its own organic way. Taking her calls was always productive. Should I ever need a recruiter, I would not hesitate to turn to her.”

Andrea Kesterke

Director of Sales at Schlager Group / Milestone Documents| Marketing | Ed Tech | Sales Strategy

“Shelly was a wonderful recruiter and followed through on every promise or suggestion she made quickly and efficiently. She consulted with me during the entire interview process and never left me wondering where we were going next. I would love to work with her again in the future.”

Dominic Moruzzi

Exactly the service one needs when trying to navigate through the complex job market. He’s a pleasure to work with, knowledgeable and has great follow up skills. Certainly someone you want to partner with!

Stacy Tapper

Marketing Professional

“Alexa was one of the best recruiters that I have encountered. Her follow up and ability to provide additional information were very beneficial. She also was available via instant message which made connecting very easy and answers were quick. It is fabulous working with someone that is personable, positive, and willing to go the extra mile for her clients. She is an invaluable resource when searching for a new career.”

Virgette Mazzola

I would recommend Steve to any publishing industry professionals seeking a new opportunity in the industry. Not only is he personable, he is extremely knowledgeable and knows they key players!

Ed Yamada

VP of Sales at Everbind Books

“Shelly has done an excellent job of finding suitable recruits for Casio America. She is very knowledgeable of the players in the marketplace, is very prompt and meets deadlines, and does excellent follow up. She, and her company, Personnel Associates, are highly recommended.”

Michael Quick

Sr. Financial Retail Trade Manager, Scholastic

“Steve Ganz contacted me in April 2010 in regards to an open position in the Publishing industry. At first I was hesitant but Steve was persistent. He stated this was a new opportunity that would be a wonderful position for me. I went thru the interview process and landed an outstanding position with Scholastic as a Senior Financial Retail Trade Manager in May 2010. During the whole process Steve was professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy. During the interview process Steve was available for any questions or concerns and always presented me with timely, accurate information during the interview process. I would work with Steve again and would highly recommend Steve and the services that he provides!!”

Bill Stephenson

Sales Representative at EPS Literacy and Intervention

“Alexa is a very professional and effective recruiter who is a pleasure to work with and was a delight from the first call. She was helpful in her questioning skills to make sure I was the right fit for the position and made sure I understood what the expectations were for the position. I am happy to recommend her to anyone who is looking for an awesome resource in the educational software sales field.”

Lana Gent

Director of Science, American Heart Association

“Steve recruited me for a wonderful position at the American Heart Assocation. I think his best attribute was being able to recognize that I posses important transferable skills that, at first glance, might not be an obvious match for the position. In the end, though, I think he made a great match for me and he was professional, timely, and knowledgeable every step of the way. I very much appreciate the work he did to get me into this position and I give highest recommendation for his work.”

John Mackey

Business Operations Manager at Ginter & Assoociates – Keller Williams

“I worked with Shelly when I was in the middle of a job search in 2010-2011 and she was an invaluable resource for me in looking at career opportunities that were a good fit with my publishing, language and sales skills. Throughout the entire process, she was a trusted adviser and a great coach.”

Jennifer Denton

Director of Editorial Production, American Heart Assn

“I received calls from many recruiters during my job search, but none of them understood my industry like Steve did. Steve matched me with an excellent medical publishing opportunity in a city where medical publishing is virtually nonexistent, and he followed up diligently and professionally to close the deal.”

Farah Farooqi

Editor, Wireless Generation

“Steve Ganz and Shelly Ray from Personnel Associates, Inc. are a superb set of forces to be reckoned with! Professional, reliable, enthusiastic, and accommodating—they study and understand your skill set, knowing exactly how to market your strong suits and advertise your expertise to the optimal level. Their brainwork helps match you up with prospective companies, promising careers, and positive positions in which both client and talent leave with lucrative results. Deep dedication, patience, excellent communication, astute public relations etiquette, extensive experience and continued guidance set Steve Ganz and his amazing team apart from all the others. Whether you are an employer or a person searching for a new canvas on which to spread your creative colors, I highly recommend Personnel Associates as a viable stepping stone towards professional growth and success.”

David Rosenbaum

Director of Product Development, American Heart Assn

“I’ve known Steve since 2003. Since then he’s gotten me four interviews in the past, and each interview resulted in a job offer. Since I’m not remotely that charming, I’m confident that the credit belongs to Steve’s hard work and his ability to match the right people with the right positions. For that, I’m both impressed and obliged. Although I hope not to need Steve’s help again soon, nevertheless, in the future if/when I’m looking for work in publishing he’ll be the first person to whom I turn.”

Martine Edwards

Sr. Editor, Delmar Learning

“Two years ago, Steve found me my dream job here at Thomson. I’m now deliriously happy. Thanks, Steve!”

Quincy McDonald

Sr. Editor, McGraw-Hill

“I have known Steve for a number of years, and he continues to impress me with his knowledge of the industry and ability to recognize top talent. When friends request the name of a recruiter from me, I regularly recommend Steve. He is extremely professional, pays close attention to the needs of both clients and candidates, and follows up in a predictabilty-quick and thorough fashion. I am happy to recommend him to job hunters and hiring managers alike.”

Brad Hanson

Sr. Acquisition Editor, Cengage Learning

“It has been a pleasure working with Steve – I can count on consistent, professional help with all of my recruiting needs.”