So you are working full time and want to find a new job.  How can you fit in all you need to do in your week?  We have only 168 hours in a week. We cannot save it or bank it so how can you make the most of it?

You need to spend 10-15 hours per week on your job search.  That means 2 to 3 hours a each day or 15 hours on the weekend, or some combination of the two.  Here’s an example of how to structure your week.

1. Monday. Plan your week by conducting research on potential companies.  Write your direct mail letters to companies or organizations where you would like to work.

2. Tuesday. Call the companies from your direct mail list that you emailed yesterday to set up in-person meetings.

3. Wednesday. Attend a networking meeting or professional association event. Then follow up with emails to set up coffees, breakfast or lunch.

4. Thursday.  Go to the in-person meetings with people from your direct emails.  Meet a colleague or newly found friend for coffee or lunch or breakfast.

5. Friday. Follow up with an email to each person you met earlier in the week.  Start planning for next week by doing research.

Use your time wisely.  Keep sending emails, calling companies (it may take several calls to reach the hiring manager).  Meet at least one new person each week and have at least one in -person meeting each week.