So you have a resume or maybe you have two or three, one for each job title or industry you want to work in.  You have only one Linkedin Profile.  Can you have more than one Linkedin profile?  The answer is no.

So what are the differences and how do you brand yourself in each medium?.
1) Tone: The resume is written in a formal tone using the 3rd person whereas LinkedIn Profile is written in the first person.  You never use “I” in a resume.  You want to do use it in the summary section of your LinkedIn Profile  Show you are passionate about a particular aspect of your job or your industry or your clients. Be more informal and show something of your personality.
2) Photograph: The resume does not have a photo – Linked In profile has a photo.  Use a professional photo, not a selfie or a cutsie one with your dog or your kid…save that for Facebook.  It is worth the time and money to hire a professional portrait photographer and pose for your photograph.
3) References or recommendations – Years ago it was required to add the names and contact info of references.  Now no one does except, perhaps, in academe on the C.V.  But your LInkedIn Profile will increase your visibility with three recommendations from former supervisors, colleagues, or people who know you and your work well.  Skip the endorsements which are relatively meaningless.  Anyone can check off your skills but not just anyone can give you an outstanding recommendation.
You can, and should, have more than one resume if you are looking for two or more different job titles.  Each resume needs to pinpoint accomplishments specific to the job title you are going for.  Each must reflect the key words of the job title, the industry and the company you are targeting.  The LinkedIn profile has to combine all your skills, key words, and accomplishments so it shows the breadth and depth of your experience.