You’ve been at your job for a while now, whether that means one year, two years, 5 or even 10 years.  You feel you are stagnating.  How do you spot the signs that it is time for a change…before you either are fired, or, you quit in frustration?

1) You don’t get the raise – If no one is getting a raise, then it’s just bad timing, or the revenue numbers are down, or the budget was not met.  If you are the one not getting a raise and others are, then that is a sign of rough waters ahead.
2) You don’t get the promotion –  If you were promised a promotion or change of title when you were hired and then someone else is brought in over your head, that is a sure sign that they are not going to keep their commitment to you.
3) You are being ignored by your boss or at meetings, or worse, you are put down in meetings for your ideas.  It sounds like your input is not valued and that is not a good sign.
4) You are left out of the loop of important new developments…a merger…a new project…If you feel you are the last one to find out about changes in the company, that is not a good sign.
5) You are not sought after for your advice.  If you have been with one company for long time and you are seen as the seasoned expert or guru in your field, people at all levels should be coming to you for advice.  When that stops, then that is a clear sign that you are no longer considered the expert.

The best time to start looking for your next job is while you are still working.  It may take longer than you expect given that there is a tight job market and fewer openings.   That means employers are pickier and looking for the ideal candidate.  So there is no better time than now to start your job search in earnest.