Everyone knows there is ageism.  Whether blatant or subtle, it exists.  You could be in your 50’s or 60’s and get laid off because they want to hire a younger person for much less money.  You could be in your 70’s and still want to work

What to do?
1) Be Prepared – Make sure your technology skills are up to date.  If you don’t know the latest software application in your field, you are a dinosaur.  Take a free course at the public library or if you’re a senior audit a course at any one of the CUNY campuses.  Be specific about your job target. If you have had many different jobs, you must zero in on one particular job title for each company you want to work for.
2) Craft your resume – Prepare to re-write your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn Profile to highlight key skills and accomplishments.  Overcome the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) that will kick you out by including key skills, key words and accomplishments directly related to the job description.
3) Be prepared for the interview questions such as Why do you want this job (if you have been at a higher level)?  Won’t you be bored?  Why would you want to work for less money that you were making before?  Emphasize your interest and passion for the field or the specific roles and responsibilities.
Remember, you need to say “I really want this job!”
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