You know you need a LInkedIn Profile, but did you know there are at least 5 ways to use LinkedIn to help you with your job search?

1) Get noticed – Hiring managers, search firms and agencies are searching on key words to find people just like you.  That is the reason to use key words in your LinkedIn profile summary.
2) Connect to your bigger network. – Ask your first degree connections to connect you to their first degree connections.
3) Look up alumni from your college or university – search by school and you can find lots of people who attended your school.  Alumni are much more likely to talk to you, set up a coffee and are willing to give you career advice.
4) Research a company – Most companies now have a LInkedIn page in addition to their company website.  Find out what makes them tick and who works for them.
5) Research your interviewer. – Make sure you know who you are talking to  BEFORE you show up for the interview.   Look them up on LinkedIn and find out where they worked previously, where they went to school, and any other salient information.  You may even find you have something in common!

GetFive Certified Coach
Amy Geffen, PhD