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Overcoming Ageism in Your Job Search

Everyone knows there is ageism.  Whether blatant or subtle, it exists.  You could be in your 50’s or 60’s and get laid off because they want to hire a younger person for much less money.  You could be in your 70’s and still want to work

What to do?
1) Be Prepared – Make sure your technology skills are […]

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What is Your Job Target?

Do you have an objective on the top of your resume?  If so, that is old school.  No one knows what you are aiming for with a long objective. It usually sounds expansive and full of generalities with no distinct job title.

Instead, choose a job target. What is a job target?
It consists of three things:
1) […]

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New Year = New Job Search Strategy

Happy New Year!  Are you ready to turn over a new leaf? Or try a new job search strategy to et your next job?  Remember, if you keep doing the same thing – don’t expect different results.

Here are some new strategies to try:
1) If answering ads on the internet is not working for you, try […]

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How to Spot the Signs that the Honeymoon is over in your current role

You’ve been at your job for a while now, whether that means one year, two years, 5 or even 10 years.  You feel you are stagnating.  How do you spot the signs that it is time for a change…before you either are fired, or, you quit in frustration?

1) You don’t get the raise – If no […]

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Differences between Your Resume and Your LInkedIn Profile

So you have a resume or maybe you have two or three, one for each job title or industry you want to work in.  You have only one Linkedin Profile.  Can you have more than one Linkedin profile?  The answer is no.

So what are the differences and how do you brand yourself in each medium?.
1) Tone: […]

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Time Management in Your Job Search

So you are working full time and want to find a new job.  How can you fit in all you need to do in your week?  We have only 168 hours in a week. We cannot save it or bank it so how can you make the most of it?

You need to spend 10-15 hours per […]

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How to Deal with Rejection in Your Job Search

A job search is a lot like roulette.  There are lots of numbers but the ball will only fall in one of them. What can you do to keep yourself  motivated over the next few months?

A job search consists of getting a lot of “no’s”.  How do you deal with your emotional reaction, your disappointment after each […]

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5 Tips for Making a Job Transition

Are you unhappy in your current job? Or, are they unhappy with you? Don’t wait to start your journey. It may take longer than you expect to move to another company or a different position in a different field.

1) Start early. Don’t wait until you leave your job, get fired or get […]

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5 Tips for your job search

As I have said many times, a job search is a marathon, not a sprint. So what are the five things you need to remember to keep doing, day after day, week after week, month after month?

1) Be Persistent- Follow up on every lead, evey new person you meet, after every meeting and after […]

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5 Steps Closer to “YES”

So you are going on interviews and second interviews, but not hearing back. You wonder, What is going on and how can you increase your response rate?

(1) Be prepared with your specific accomplishments that can help solve the problems of that job in that company. Your resume, cover letter, pitch and interview […]

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