Happy New Year!  Are you ready to turn over a new leaf? Or try a new job search strategy to et your next job?  Remember, if you keep doing the same thing – don’t expect different results.

Here are some new strategies to try:
1) If answering ads on the internet is not working for you, try this:  You need to write directly to hiring managers at companies where you would like to work.  Then you have  real person to follow up with, write to , call and meet.
2) If working with a search firm is not working for you, say you are
getting interviews, but no offers, try this:  Search firms work for their clients, not you.  Try working with a different search firm, or two or three.  Try the next two strategies.
3) Expand your network – You have heard this before, and it really works.  But it is not enough just ot meet new people at professional or social events.  You need to follow through with a one to one meeting over coffee or lunch.  You need to stay in touch with them over time, monthly, and build your relationsips so when an opening becomes available they think of you.
4) Write directly to companies  to the poel in a position to hire you if there were a position.  Don’t waste time answering ads or wiritng to info@ or human resources@.  Your resume will go into a black hole with no chance of a response..
5) Differentiate yourself from the competition.  Write about, talk about, skpread the word about your accomplishments to show that you can get results.  Job descriptions are all alike.  They are the same for everyone who has held the same job title.  What distinguishes you from the other candidates are your accomplishments.
Sounds like too much work?  The more time you spend on your job search, the faster you will get hired.  If this sounds like a bit too much, then hire a career coach to help you through the process, keep you motivated and accountable.
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