Most of us are so busy with day-to-day concerns about job and family that we never take the time to reflect on where we are in our careers and where we are going.

How can we reach our goals if we don’t know where we are now and what steps to take to get there?  Why bother taking stock of your current situation at every stage of your career?

Here are the reasons to assess your current career situation and plan for the future:
1) It clarifies your values at each stage of your career – What are your best skills?  What can you improve?  What are your values in the workplace, for family and friends, for volunteering,and interests?
2) It helps you focus on your goals – Are you learning and growing? Do you want to make more money for retirement?  To pay for your children’s college education?  Do you want to give  back to your neighborhood, your profession or to a cause you believe in?
3) It gives you a path to move forward – if you don’t set goals, how will you ever reach them?  Each path takes a number of steps so you can plan for every stage.
If your goal is to get to the C-suite it won’t happen overnight or in the next year if you are in your early or mid-career.  What intermediary steps will you need to take to get there?
4) It informs your decision to take the next steps – In the immediate future – 3-6 months. For your  mid term goals – 1-3 years or  Long Term goals – 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, 20 years or more…Ask yourself where do you want to be?  in your career? your family life? your friendships? your spiritual life?  your hobbies?
If you are not sure what your next steps are in your career, or how to assess your current situation, working with an outplacement company or an experienced career coach can help.
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