You have a job interview coming up. Don’t panic.  Here are some tips and strategies to prepare yourself for a stellar performance.
1. Do your research – Learn as much as you can about the company through their website, LinkedIn, their annual report and any recent news articles about the company mission, goals, challenges.  Learn about your interviewer through LinkedIn and Google.  Know something about the person or people sitting opposite you in the interview.
2. Be prepared – Know your pitch (your 2 minute commercial). Be prepared with 2 or 3 stories about your greatest accomplishments and how you solved problems for other companies and how that relates to what you can do for this organization.  Don’t spend too much time on each answer – two minutes is the maximum.  Just make sure you illustrate your skills with a real life example that shows how you can get results.
3. Practice in front of a mirror – Write out your stories.  Read them over and over until they feel very familiar.  Be able to talk in a conversational tone so it doesn’t sound like you memorized them.  Practice in front of a mirror or with a trusted friend.
4. Dress the part – Dress appropriately for the industry and company.  Set out your clothes the night before.  If you are in finance or insurance, dress in neutrals, such as gray or navy. Shirt and tie are de rigueur for men.  If you are in IT you can be more casual with khakis and a shirt with no tie.  If you are in fashion, be stylish and up to date.
5. Follow Up – After the interview make sure to follow up with an email in which you can reiterate your fine points, your skills and mention one or two accomplishments.  You can make up for any poorly answered questions or incomplete answers from the interview.  Remember to say that you want the job and would love to work for the company.
Interviews don’t have to be that stressful if you are prepared and a have a few stories to tell.
(c) 2019 Amy Geffen All rights reserved.