Spring is here and summer is approaching, and if you are out of work you may be thinking, maybe I should take the summer off because there are no job openings this time of year.

Well, you would be wrong  There is no best time to look for a job.
Spring – Lots of job movement when families buy and sell homes in anticipation of a move to a different location so their kids can start in a new school in the fall.
Summer is a great time because not many other people are looking.  People are moving to other cities, other jobs during the summer, and it is a perfect time to look.
Fall – People are going back to school, returning to their jobs after summer vacation.  So it is not a good time to look.  You would be wrong again. Openings occur all year long.
Winter holiday season is not a good time to look. People are busy with holidays.  Wrong agin.  This is the time of year when employees are receiving bonuses – or not; getting raises – or not.  So it is a time that staff get laid off – right before or right after the holidays are over.
So there is no best time of year to look for a job.  The bottom line is the best time is when you are STILL WORKING!  Recruiters and hiring managers search by key words on LinkedIn to find people who are currently working to offer them an opporutntiy to interview for open positions.  Employers and hiring managers are biased against those who are unemployed.
If you are happy and challenged in your current position – congratulations! You should still keep an eye out for possible opportunities and stay in the game through networking. But if you are becoming uncomfortable or getting bored, or not getting recognized the time to start is now!
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