Here are some ways to get unstuck at each stage of your job search.  Take a look at what you are doing and find ways to refresh your approach.
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1) Assessment – Go back to your original accomplishments and list of skills.  Did you leave something out?  Are you expecting to use skills that are no longer current?  Do you need to take a course?
2) Branding – Is your pitch falling flat?  Rewrite it and have a friend listen to you.  Resume not getting results?  Focus on one job target at a time and tailor your resume to that job.  Be sure to include key words.  Make sure someone else looks at your resume.
3) Connecting.  Are you meeting new people in your chosen field?  Maybe it is time to join a new group, expand your network. Have coffe/tea or lunch with someone at least once a week.  Get to know them.  Ask them to introduce you to other people..  Re-connect with former acquaintances and former colleagues.
4) Differentiating – If telling your personal stories is not working then it is time to re-write your stories.  Choose another accomplishment that proves you can achieve results.  Saying you are successful is not as impactful as giving an example of a specific accomplishment.  Practice the story.  Say it aloud until it becomes second nature.
5) Enhancing – After each meeting or coffee/tea or lunch or interview, follow up with each person.  Show you were listening.  Craft an email that is directly related to your conversation. Stay in touch every month to let them know you are intereted in them, their company and their industry.
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