You are ready for a change, you are working on your resume, and preparing to go on interviews.  But what do you do while you are NOT working?  Here are a few ways to plug the gap in your work history.

1) Volunteer for a cause you believe in. Whether preparing or delivering meals to the homeless, registering runners or cyclists for a charity, tutoring kids in English as a second language, find something that you can do at least once a week or several hours three days a week to occupy your time and give back. You get some experience, meet new people, and get a reference.
2) Pro Bono consulting – Use your skillsl to your advantage by providing pro bono consulting in your field to worthy non-profits.  The Taproot Foundation is a non-profit serving other nonprofits with experts for projects including, but not limited to, marketing, strategic planning, board recruitment, technology, and training and development. Serving on a project team or leading a project team keeps your skills sharp and adds to your resume.
3) Join a committee in your professional association – and do some work related to your field.  You will get to know your colleagues better and find out the inside scoop on job openings.
4) Contact family and friends to find out who they know and who they can introduce you to..Everyone knows at least 200 people you don’t know.  Enlist their help to expand your network to other people in your field and companies where you would like to work.
5) Contact local businesses in your neighborhood to see if they need part-time help with administrative details, sales, or customer relations.
6) Talk to several temporary employment agencies to see what they have in your field.  A part-time or temp job is a good way to keep up your skills, be productive, and have something to put on your resume during this period.
Remember: your job search is a marathon, not a sprint.   It may take 6 months to a year to find your next full-time job, so volunteering, consulting, and temp work are good ways to fill the gap.
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