So you just lost your job and are feeling sorry for yourself. You start on your job search in earnest.  But what if it takes 6 months or a year or more to find your next job, what do you so in the meantime?  And how will you fill the gap on your resume? Here are some ways to fill the gap.

1  Consulting   Get a gig from your most recent employer, a precious employer or a referral to consult using your best skills. 
2 Interim position Fill a full time position in the short term 3 or 6 months while you keep looking. Agencies that specialize in interim assignments can help match you to an appropriate position.  The.downside is there are no benefits or 401k.
3. Part time work doing same thing you have been doing one or two days a week. Again, there are temp agencies to fill those positions.
4. Volunteering for a cause you are passionate about. No pay but lots of satisfaction. Volunteering fills the job gap gives you an opportunity to network with other people and obtain another reference for your skills, responsibility and dedication.
5.Pro bono consulting Lots of non-profits need expertise in marketing, fundraising, strategic planning, website management, and board development. You can offer your services by going directly to non-profits or going through a recognized provider such as Taproot Foundation.
It is important to show a prospective employer that you have been using your skills and filling your time wisely while pursuing your job search.  If your part-time, interim. or volunteer work is relevant, do put it on your resume.
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