Everyone needs a resume, whether you are staying put, making a lateral move, or a moving up the career ladder.

It is especially true if you are changing job titles, industries or locations.


If you are changing careers, job titles, or industries how do you write a resume that transitions your skills?
1 Accomplishments – You must connect the dots for the prospective employer.  Your accomplishments must use  metrics to show results and be  relevant to the next position you seek.  You did X for a past employer and therefore you can do Y for this employer.
2 Key words reflect the job title and the industry.  You must use key words and language from that industry.  Seek out examples from posted job ads or jobs described on company websites.
3 Relevant skills – Don’t expect an employer to make the leap between what you have done on your last job and what you can do for them.  You have to show that your skills are transferable. useful, and relevant.
4 What are you lacking?  You must overcome objections to your lack of specific experience in the new industry.  Show that what you have done is relevant.  Show that you can solve problems as you have done for others. Figure out which  skills and accomplishments are relevant.
5 Show your interest and passion…When transferring to a new industry. you need to become thoroughly immersed in the new field.  How?  By participating in conferences, reading trade journals, joining an association for your new industry.  Get involved with a committee so you can learn as much as you can and build relationships with people in the new field.
Remember – your job is to convince the prospective employer that you can solve their problems.  Your skills are relevant and transferable to the new job, the new industry or the new location.
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