Differences between Your Resume and Your LInkedIn Profile

So you have a resume or maybe you have two or three, one for each job title or industry you want to work in.  You have only one Linkedin Profile.  Can you have more than one Linkedin profile?  The answer is no.

So what are the differences and how do you brand yourself in each medium?.
1) Tone: […]

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Time Management in Your Job Search

So you are working full time and want to find a new job.  How can you fit in all you need to do in your week?  We have only 168 hours in a week. We cannot save it or bank it so how can you make the most of it?

You need to spend 10-15 hours per […]

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How to Deal with Rejection in Your Job Search

A job search is a lot like roulette.  There are lots of numbers but the ball will only fall in one of them. What can you do to keep yourself  motivated over the next few months?

A job search consists of getting a lot of “no’s”.  How do you deal with your emotional reaction, your disappointment after each […]

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