A job search is a lot like roulette.  There are lots of numbers but the ball will only fall in one of them. What can you do to keep yourself  motivated over the next few months?

A job search consists of getting a lot of “no’s”.  How do you deal with your emotional reaction, your disappointment after each “no.”


1. What is worse than a “no”? It is not hearing back from an email, an online job posting or a meeting.  Don’t take it personally.  You need to follow up.  Don’t wait to hear back.

2. You need to keep hope alive by having 6-10 things in the works…that means writing directly to companies, answering ads, working with a search firm and networking.  Keep writing.  Keep calling. Keep getting meetings.  Follow up after each meeting with each individual.

3. Make a poster with 99 “nos” and one “yes”. After each rejection – you write a letter and get no response, you make a call and get a no, you go on an interview and get a rejection, cross out one more no.  Each “no” gets you closer to “yes.”

4. The “no’s”  are not about you…so don’t take it personally.  There are hundreds if not thousands of people looking for the same type of job you are looking for.  Let’s say you get an interview and a second interview but don’t get the job.  Don’t take it personally.    Maybe they have an insider who got the position, maybe they have a friend or relative who got the position.  Maybe they changed the requirements after interviewing a number of people.

The best way to deal with rejection is to put it behind you and keep moving forward.  As it is said, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.  You need to keep a half dozen things in the works and follow up with each one.  That way, you are not totally invested in only one open position.

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