Fortunately, you are employed. You’re getting a salary and benefits. But it is just not working for you. How do you know when it is time to leave your job and find something else that will make you feel productive, satisfied and put food on the table?

1) When you’re bored out of your mind. The job is so easy you can do it with one hand tied behind your back. You need more challenge, stimulation. You have asked for additional or more challenging responsibilities, but it has not happened.

2) Not treated properly – Your boss or colleagues are not civil or professional. They use abusive language or overwork you. They have no empathy for you or your family situation. You did not get the raise or promotion you know you deserve.

3) Not fun any more – You used to enjoy coming in to work. You loved the work and the camaraderie. It is just not working for you any more.

4) Can’t get out of bed – to face the day. If you literally have trouble getting out of bed because you can’t face the work or the office or your colleagues. If you are dragging yourself to work each day, then it is …

5) Time for a change – It doesn’t mean you are going to quit without another job. It means you need to start your job search before you get too bored, or too de-motivated or too abused…that you really feel like quitting.

You say to yourself, how can I quit? You need a job. Yes, you do. So the time to start is now. Before you get so bored, depressed, angry or fed up that you feel like quitting.

I am not asking you to have the courage to walk out. Just saying that you need to take steps to change your current situation.

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