So you’ve had an interview for the perfect job for you and you think it went really well. Then what?  There is no such thing as a “thank you” letter.  It’s all about reinforcing your candidacy and making sure they remember what you can do for them.

Here are 5 tips for the follow-up email:
1) Write an individual email to each person who has interviewed you.  Make sure to take notes during the interview so you remember who said what.  There is no such thing as “one size fits all” when you follow up.
2) Add anything you forgot or left out.  Often, in the excitement and nervousness of an interview, we forget something that is crucial.  Make sure to mention it in the follow-up.
3) Reinforce what you already said.  Don’t assume that people will remember exactly what you said about your skills and accomplishments. Repeat specific accomplishments related to the position in your email.
4) Clarify anything that was a little mushy because you want to make sure they understand.  Let’s say you answered a question partially or not to your or their liking.  Tell the story again, briefly, to make sure nothing is left unclear.
5) Address any objection they may have about your candidacy.  If they feel you lack a particular skill then write a proposal or offer to solve a problem, or analyze data, or create a newsletter.  Then follow up again to get a meeting to discuss your ideas for a solution.
The follow-up email is crucial to your differentiating yourself from the rest of the candidate pool.  Don’t simply say thank you.  Add the important information that distinguishes you from the competition.

(c) Amy Geffen All rights reserved