You are in a job search and you are feeling frustrated, lonely, exhausted and ready to give up.  But you don’t have a job yet and you are wondering, how can this get better?  By joining a group or workshop you don’t have to go it alone.  Why join?

1) It keeps you motivated – Job hunting is an exhausting emotional roller coaster.  Some days it goes great and other days its a bust.  It may take weeks or months to get the interviews and find the right fit for you.  Staying motivated throughout this marathon is important for your well-being and your success.
2) Keeps you accountable – By meeting with a group each week you are held accountable for what is happening in your search.  What did you do last week?  What are your plans for next week?  How many meetings did you take?  How many phone calls did you make?  Who did you meet?
3) Gives you honest feedback – Are you going in the right direction? Do your job targets make sense? How do you come across?  Handshake? Voice? Clothes? Attitude? Members of the group will share their thoughts and suggestions.
4) Sounding board – You can practice your two -minute pitch, your phone script for making calls, and how to answer those difficult interview questions.  By practicing you will feel more confident and make a better impression on the phone, in an email or in person.

5) Someone to lean on –  Everyone in your group or workshop is going through what you are going through.  You may be able to talk to a friend, spouse or significant other, but no one can empathize and keep it real as much as other folks going through the job search.  A group of people has more ideas and suggestions than just one person.