7 Proven Job Interview Questions – and What to Look for in the Answers

This is a great article from Google's Hiring team: 7 Proven Job Interview Questions—and What to Look for in the Answers https://hire.google.com/articles/7-proven-job-interview-questions/?utm_source=https://hire.google.com/articles/7-proven-job-interview-questions/ The Hire Team Published Sep 13, 2018 How do you know when you're [...]

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How do I get a job that is not advertised?

You've heard me say that there are only four ways to get a job and one of them is answering ads on the internet. But that will only get 10% of the job seekers a [...]

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Great article on Phone Interviewing from Glassdoor

As someone who works with candidates globally, the vast majority of our interviews/screenings are done via phone and I could not agree more with this recent article I saw on Glassdoor: 12 Things to Never [...]

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When should I get a career coach?

When your job search is going well, you probably don't need outside, but if you encounter any one of the following, then a coach can guide you through... You need a coach 1) When you [...]

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5 Ways to combat “Your Overqualified”

Often when a more experienced (read "older" "seasoned" "late career") professional finds a job opening, they can do the job, they get an interview for the job, and then, the interview thinks or says "You're [...]

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I have just been laid off – what do I do?

You've just been laid off...and are feeling lost, angry, upset...don't panic. Here are some steps to take. 1) Take care of your emotional needs: Take time to mourn the loss of the job, the office, [...]

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