Key points to address when revising your Resume

Everyone needs a resume, whether you are staying put, making a lateral move, or a moving up the career ladder. It is especially true if you are changing job titles, industries or locations.   If [...]

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Where are you in your career and what is in your future?

Most of us are so busy with day-to-day concerns about job and family that we never take the time to reflect on where we are in our careers and where we are going. How can [...]

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What to do next when you feel stuck in your job search and not getting results

  Here are some ways to get unstuck at each stage of your job search.  Take a look at what you are doing and find ways to refresh your approach. (and, oh, by the way, [...]

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What questions do you ask the interviewer?

You applied for a job.  You got an interview.  Congratulations! You spend hours preparing your answers to typical and difficult questions so you feel confident, ready and raring to go. But what about the questions [...]

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5 Steps to Building Your Network

If you are job hunting you need to re-connect with everyone you know and expand your network - get yourself in front of the right people in the right industries to get into the companies [...]

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5 Ways to use LinkedIn For Your Job Search

You know you need a LInkedIn Profile, but did you know there are at least 5 ways to use LinkedIn to help you with your job search? 1) Get noticed - Hiring managers, search firms and [...]

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