How to use LinkedIn for your Job Search

Do you think LinkedIn is only for your profile? Or only for networking? Well it’s both and more. See the five ways you can make the most of LinkedIn.

1) Use your profile to highlight your skills and accomplishments. Key words will get you noticed. All search firms, recruiters and HR managers […]

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One-Touch Networking (and the worst networking notes ever)

I’ve been the recipient of some great and many terrible networking notes.

The ones that I usually ignore involve asking me for…

A job outright. (I’m not hiring right now.)
A physical meeting. (I struggle with making time for my own lunch most days.)
Twenty minutes of my time. (Whenever I am asked for twenty minutes, I seem to […]

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5 Tips to Stay Motivated in Your Job Search

Getting stuck? Depressed? At a loss?
Here are some ways to keep yourself on track and focused throughout your job search.

1. Make a plan. Stick to a schedule. Every day make sure you eat right, get a good night’s sleep and get some exercise. Don’t sit at your computer all day without a […]

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