Do you think LinkedIn is only for your profile? Or only for networking? Well it’s both and more. See the five ways you can make the most of LinkedIn.

1) Use your profile to highlight your skills and accomplishments. Key words will get you noticed. All search firms, recruiters and HR managers are using LinkedIn to search on key words.

2) Expand your network – Just don’t find people and ask to connect to them. Start with your first level connections and ask them to introduce you to their first level connections.

3) Find jobs – Yes jobs are listed on LinkedIn. But don’t depend on answering them only online. Research the company and find out the person most likely to hire for that position and write directly to that person.

4) Research your interviewers – Find out about the people who will interview you. Where have they worked? What schools did they attend? What are they passionate about? See if you have anything in common with them.

5) Research the companies where you would like to work. Learn about their values and mission. And then search on the company to find out people who work in the company.

Make your LInkedIn profile work for you by using key words in the to 140 characters and by highlighting your accomplishments in your summary.