Getting stuck? Depressed? At a loss?
Here are some ways to keep yourself on track and focused throughout your job search.

1. Make a plan. Stick to a schedule. Every day make sure you eat right, get a good night’s sleep and get some exercise. Don’t sit at your computer all day without a break. For example. Monday do research on companies, salaries and job descriptions. Tuesday send emails directly to companies and hiring managers; Wednesday make calls to get meeting Thursday and Friday go to networking events, informational meetings, and interviews.

2. Find a buddy – someone you can check in with once a week to remain accountable. Discuss what did you do last week? What will you do this week? How many hiring managers did you email? How many companies did you call? How many networking events did you attend? How many meetings did you have? Who did you follow up with an email or phone call? Your buddy might be a friend, relative, or a career coach.

3. Do at least one thing each day. to move your job search forward. No matter how lousy or unhappy you feel, make sure you do at least one thing each day.

4. Make a poster or chart with 99 “no’s” and one “yes.” Hang it on your wall near your desk or computer. Each time you get a no, a turn-down, or no answer from a letter or resume, cross off another “no.” Expect to get a lot of “nos” in your search. Each “no” gets you closer to “yes.”

5. Make time to have fun. Each week make sure you do something for yourself whether it’s meeting a friend for lunch, going to the movies, or a hike, or swimming. But don’t spend day after day avoiding the real work it takes to get your next job!

Remember a job search is a marathon, not a sprint. If you are not working you should spend 30-35 hours a week on your job search. Your job search IS your job.