Your LinkedIn page is an integral part of your job search strategy. Hiring managers and search firms are using Linked In as their number one place to troll for viable candidates.  Don’t worry what your current employer may think.  Just click on the NO button so when you update your profile no one is notified of changes.

1.Use Key Words –The 140 characters at the top of your LinkedIn profile are golden.  Use them to indicate your job target and your top skills.  Key words used by hiring managers and search firms.  They are probably the most important part of your LinkedIn Profile.  Use key words from the job descriptions of your job targets.  Use skills or competencies that you have listed in your resume.

2.Highlight accomplishments – should reflect your resume.  Make sure you start every accomplishment with an active verb preceded by a bullet.  Active verbs include e.g. created, analyzed, led, wrote, designed, developed.  Make your accomplishments quantifiable with numbers, percentages, time frames, whenever you can. There must be a consistent branding message reflected in your resume and in your Linked In page.

3.Research companies – many companies have a Linked In page in addition to their regular website.   The page will connect you to some staff and board members.

4.Research individuals who are interviewing you. Learn about their background, education, and work experience.  Find something you have in common, such as a school you attended,  or a person you both know, or at least know enough to know who they are.  Never go into an interview without knowing the names and background of the person(s) who will interview you.

5.Network – Get introductions through your first level contacts to their contacts…Request an introduction from your contact with one of their contacts in a company or field where you would like to make a contribution.  Ask for a 15 minute informational meeting or phone call.

Remember, you can have more than one resume, tailored to your specific job target, but you can have only ONE linked in page.  Make it count. Use key words. Make it complete.  Add your photo, education, recommendations and skills.

Amy Geffen, PhD is a Five O’Clock Club Certified Career Coach with over 30 years of experience in non-profits, associations and college administration. She has worked with financial, insurance and engineering professionals as well as academics and non-profit executives.


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