Once you have your pitch, which is your carefully crafted, practiced,  2 minute commercial for you, how can you use it in your job search?

Here are 5 ways to use your perfect pitch.

1 Networking – When you meet someone for the first time at a networking event, an alumni reunion, a party or get together, use your pitch to introduce yourself and then find out about the other person. A brief intro might include what you do now, your key skills, and one or two accomplishments.   No one likes to hear you drone on and on.  You need to ask questions to show an interest in the other person.

  1. In your cover letter – When you write to a company, whether in answer to an ad, or directly to a hiring manager, use your pitch in the first part of your cover letter to introduce yourself and mention one or two key accomplishments.  The object is to use the same words several times during the job process so the hiring manager remembers you.
  1. During Your Interview – When you are on an interview for a job, you will frequently hear the question, So, tell me about yourself, or, how did you get to this point in your career?    Instead of launching into an autobiography or a chronological account, use your pitch to briefly introduce yourself.
  1. Linked In Page – Use the 140 characters at the top of your profile and the summary section of your profile to re-purpose your pitch– key words, your years of experience, two or three key accomplishments.
  1. Follow Up – After an informational meeting, or after an interview, use your pitch in the follow-up email to reinforce what you said during the discussion.  It doesn’t hurt to repeat yourself.  Use what you said during the interview in your follow-up email to remind the hiring manager of your background and your key accomplishments.

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