If you are a baby boomer and have been let go, due to re-org, re-engineering, takeover, or some other reason beyond your control, listen up. It is a jungle out there! Today I am going to be candid and give it to you straight.

1.Be prepared to face the following and answer these questions on an interview.

Why do you want this job? Why should we hire you? This job seems too easy for you. Won’t you get bored? Why do you want to step down from a CEO or executive role at this stage in your career?
You want to give back to your profession, you want to go back into operations, you don’t want to deal with a board, or politics any more. You really enjoy the “x” factor or part of the job that uses your favorite skills.

2.Take a look at yourself in the mirror – The first things people look at during an interview are shoes, teeth and hair, and then the rest of you. Are your teeth as white as they can be? Does your hair give you away? Grey is fine for men, but not for women (depending upon your industry). Are your clothes up to date? If you are not good at selecting or buying clothes and putting together outfits, then try using a personal stylist to put together your wardrobe and accessories.

3.Resume – Of course, you can leave off your dates of college graduation and only put in the last 10-15 years of work experience. But when you walk in the door and they look at you, they see a baby-boomer.

4. During the interview – Emphasize your passion for the mission of the organization, your passion for the particular field. Show positive energy and enthusiasm. Don’t dwell on the negatives, pivot, and turn the conversation around to what you can do for them.

5. Be a problem solver – Illustrate how you can help solve the company’s problems. Use specific examples from your past experience of how you solved problems and the results you produced. Mention other problems they have not thought of that you have solved in other positions for other organizations.

Remember…be prepared for difficult questions. Be ready with your accomplishments to illustrate how you can be their problem solver. Act like you are already part of the team.