So you are going on interviews and second interviews, but not hearing back. You wonder, What is going on and how can you increase your response rate?

(1) Be prepared with your specific accomplishments that can help solve the problems of that job in that company. Your resume, cover letter, pitch and interview answers must specifically address the skills required and the problems faced by the person in the position they are hiring for.

(2) Make sure you fit into the culture – Is it suit and tie button down or loosey goosey wear what you will? Find out in advance so you dress appropriately for the interview.

(3) Follow up immediately after each interview with each person who interviewed you. If you see more than one person serially or in a group at one time, write a separate tailored email to each person. Mention something specific they talked about at the interview. Show how you can help that person.

(4) The ball is always in your court. Maybe the hiring manager is busy, on vacation, or is procrastinating because s/he has other projects to complete. If you don’t hear within two weeks then follow up first with an email and then with a phone call.

(5) Keep all the balls in the air. That means keep writing to your list of targeted companies. Keep following up with emails and phone calls. Keep networking to meet new people. Keep meeting people for coffee or lunch to deepen your relationship and get introductions to more people.

A job search has a lot of “nos” and rejections. No to the the application, No to the email. No to the phone call. No to the interview. No after the interview. No to the final selection. That is why you must keep doing what you are doing and never give up! Each “no” gets you one step closer to “yes”!

(c) 2018 Amy Geffen All rights reserved