When should I get a career coach?

When your job search is going well, you probably don’t need outside, but if you encounter any one of the following, then a coach can guide you through…

You need a coach
1) When you don’t know where to start. If you were just laid off and you’re feeling depressed and anxious. A coach can […]

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5 Ways to combat “Your Overqualified”

Often when a more experienced (read “older” “seasoned” “late career”) professional finds a job opening, they can do the job, they get an interview for the job, and then, the interview thinks or says “You’re Overqualified”.
Well, there is no such thing as overqualified. What they usually mean is one or more of […]

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I have just been laid off – what do I do?

You’ve just been laid off…and are feeling lost, angry, upset…don’t panic. Here are some steps to take.

1) Take care of your emotional needs: Take time to mourn the loss of the job, the office, the co-workers. But don’t take too long. A week or two is plenty of time. Don’t go […]

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