How do I recover from a job interview rejection?

So you interviewed for a job and you thought you aced it.  But you didn’t.  You are feeling rejected, depressed, and at loose ends.  So what do you do now?

1. It’s not you.  It’s them.  If they don’t want you you are better off not working for them.  Maybe they had a particular person in […]

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How to handle the Interview

We’ve all seen the articles and books on 50 tips for interviews or 100 difficult interview questions.  There are many different questions, but they all boil down to these  questions, or some version of these.


The best way to answer them is to have a couple of accomplishments you can talk about in detail that show […]

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How do you differentiate yourself from your competition in the job space?

When you are going on a job interview or following up after the interview, what makes you special?  How do you differentiate yourself from everyone else who has the same job title?  You need to show that you are better, different, and more qualified than the next candidate who wants that job.

1. Talk about […]

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How Do I Ace the Interview?

After you apply for a job, or write directly to a company,chances are if they are interested, they will call you for a phone screening, even before they call you for an in-person meeting.  If the phone screening goes well, then they will call you in for the first interview.  If that goes well, you […]

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