Help! 5 Steps to Your Next Carer

If you think you want a change, or hate what you do now, but have no idea what you could do, you are not alone. After 10 or 20 years in a career many of us feel we are at a dead end, or we have lost interest. Even after a couple of […]

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How to Handle a Difficult Interview

5 Ways to Handle a Difficult Interview

We all hope that the interview will go great.  The interviewer will ask us all the right questions to elicit our best skills and accomplishments.  And we all know that isn’t always the case.  Some interviewers talk too much and don’t ask you the right questions. Some ask you […]

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5 Tips for Over-50 Job Seeker

If you are over 50 you are probably  feeling like things aren’t what they used to be. Are you feeling old? Left out?  Are you getting excuses for not being hired?  Are you told you are over-qualified?  Whether you are over 50 or 60 or yes, even, 70 and still want to work here are […]

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