How to Deal with Rejection in Your Job Search

You are in a job search… you send out hundreds of letters, make dozens of phone calls, and get no response or rejection letters.  You go on interviews.  You get rejected.  How do you deal with it?  The short answer is: don’t take it personally.

You may be rejected for reasons totally out of your control – […]

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How do I know when it is time to change jobs?

Have you been complaining about your job, how boring it is, or how you hate your boss, or you’re not learning anything new BUT you have done nothing about it?

If this sounds like you, and you keep saying you are doing a job search, but doing nothing, that’s called procrastination.  What are you waiting for?  […]

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What are the best ways to find a new job?

Are you still just answering ads on the internet hoping to get an interview?  If you are, you are wasting 90% of your time.  Only 10% of people get jobs through answering ads on the internet.

Here are the five best ways to get a job:
1. Expand your network and work your network – Make a list […]

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How NOT to get a job!

In a recent op-ed article a recruiter complained about all the mistakes people made in applying for a particular job opening.  There were dozens of resumes from people who had absolutely no experience in the field, or they did and were not specific about how they could help the company.  He listed his phone number […]

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How to Stay Motivated During a Job Search

You think you are doing all that you can for your job search and then, you hit a brick wall.  You just can’t seem to do any more.  You are tired of sending out resumes into a black hole.  You are tired of not getting responses and you are de-motivated.  What to do?  Start calling…

Here are […]

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What do I do AFTER the Interview?

After the Interview – What next?  

The interview is really the beginning of your job process – as far as the company is concerned.  Your job is to get to the second or third interview and ultimately get an offer.  So what should you do after the interview?

  1. Reflect on the interview and make some notes […]
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How to “Fill the Gap” between jobs

Have you just been laid off? Or have you been out of work for a while? What do you put on your resume?

Now is the time to do something about it. Not in 6 months or a year when you rewrite your resume and cannot account for 6 months or a year […]

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How Do I Follow Up After The Interview?

So, now that you have had an interview and you thought you did pretty well, or, maybe, you thought it went poorly.  What do you do next?

After every meeting, whether it is for information gathering, career advice, or for an actual open position, you must follow up.  This is not simply a thank you letter.  […]

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How to Consider a New Career

Let’s say you want to change careers, not just the same job in a different industry, but a totally different job.  How do you make sense of your skills? How do you figure out what job is right for you?

Take these 5 steps to find your new job target:
1. Assess your skills.  People have skills […]

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The conventional wisdom is to go for the next highest position.  Don’t take a cut in pay because it will set you back.  Don’t take time off or go for part-time work because you will not be able to get back into the workforce.  But the fact is, sometimes you have to take one step […]

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